Are Insurance Agencies Cutting Costs With Auto Body Repairs?

There are numerous individuals who have poor opinions of insurance companies already and recent suggestions are not helping things at all. Body shops are beginning to focus in on insurance companies and how they are skimping on what is being paid out. 500+ body shops are claiming insurance companies are padding profits by finding cheaper solutions and disregarding safety. Let’s take a look at what studies are showcasing in this regard and what has to be done for those who want to take a proper look.

Recommended Body Shops

Insurance companies are using ‘recommended’ body shops to do their bidding for them. They will send the car owners to these places and then have those body shops skimp on parts and the work being done. This will ensure the car is properly treated, but the parts being used are faulty and/or lack quality.

Most car owners are assuming their car is good to go while professionals will realize it is not as safe as it should be. This is why more and more car owners are being told to take a proper look at what has been done and if the materials used are of good quality or not.

All Allegations Are Being Denied

With some of the biggest insurance agencies in the country being listed in the legal filings, it is pertinent for them to respond as soon as possible. Their initial statement has come out saying they wholeheartedly deny the allegations being made against them and will protect themselves in the court of law.

This adds intrigue to the matters, but several investigations done in the state of Mississipi have shown how faulty parts are being used and counterfeit repairs are being done. This has unraveled a potential scheme on the part of these companies to extract more value out of each client.

Clients Being Told What To Do

Insurance companies are defending themselves by stating the recommended list they provide individuals does not mean they have to follow what is being said. They can easily take it to someone who is around the corner if that is what they prefer. However, clients at this point in time state this is not true at all as they have lived through the actual service that is provided.

In general, what insurance companies are doing is telling their clients what to do and where to go. There is no list and it is never put across as an option. It is more of a ‘do this and the work will be done’ type of situation which puts people off.

Safety Hazard

The reason more and more people are up in arms at this point in time would have to do with safety concerns. Cars have been checked with regards to how faulty parts are working and most cars are not running as they should be. In fact, they are a hazard to those who are driving in the first place.

These are factors that are playing a massive role in legal proceedings being carried out and whether there is a scheme of this nature going on deliberately or not.