Driving With A Cracked Windshield

Automobiles are prone to many problems, some more superficial than others. A small dent in the auto body is far, far less important than a fraying brake line. Naturally some problems are more likely to be ignored than others, sometimes even when they shouldn’t be ignored. Perhaps the most common form of damage that frequently gets ignored but definitely shouldn’t be is damage to the windshield glass. A cracked windshield can, initially, seem like just a simple form of cosmetic damage, no more horrifying than the body being dented by a rogue shopping cart or the paint being keyed by a sadistic prankster. But damage to the windshield should not be ignored.

The main reason to fix a damage windshield is because driving with one is, not to put too fine a point on it, technically illegal. While it won’t result in anything more horrific than a hefty fine, it will probably be cheaper to fix the windshield than to pay the fine. Of course, the reason for this is that a cracked windshield reduces visibility, and reduced visibility, be it through darkness, fog, rain or, of course, damage to the windshield, is the leading causes of traffic accidents, ranging from the harmless but expensive to the potentially lethal. A crack in the windshield creates a focused glare that can make seeing through the glass difficult even on a properly lit road, making a damaged windshield a traffic hazard even on a perfect day for driving. No one should have to be hurt or killed on a day when there’s plenty of light for seeing pedestrians, but with a crack in the car’s windshield, the driver could easily lose visibility of the road ahead of them from the same light that would normally let them see fine. There’s also an additional risk to any passengers. A passenger side airbag relies on having a windshield to fall back on in a collision, and messing up that careful equation with a windshield that caves in too quickly can be dangerous. If the air bag isn’t properly deflected by the windshield, the air bag could seriously damage the passenger.

Obviously, a cracked windshield is not a good thing to be driving with as it can transform even a careful driver into a traffic hazard. With this in mind, it can not be stressed enough that cracked windshields should be replaced as soon as possible. It may be necessary to take your car to an auto glass specialist. This specialization of auto body repair focuses, naturally, on the glass used in cars. This is a specialized material in and of itself, meant to be clear as ordinary glass, but not shatter and shred flesh like the glass used in house windows or dining ware. It will probably necessitate that the entire windshield be replaced, which is not an easy job, but with the lives of yourself, your passengers, pedestrians and your driver’s license (and with it likely your ability to earn a living), replacing the windshield with one that won’t blind you on a clear day just makes sense.