What is the Cost of Repainting A Car?

Everyone wants to know how much it will cost to repaint a car from time to time. The answer varies based on the type of car being painted and the amount of work that will go into painting it.

For instance, some cars have more trim that needs to be removed before the painting is done and replaced after the paint is applied. This can affect the price a good deal.

Also, the type of shop you bring your car to will affect how much you pay. Stone chipping, fading and peeling problems will not happen if you use a top end paint shop. A higher end shop will of course cost a little bit more but the end result will be a flawless paint job with greater attention to painting.

A less expensive job which is done fast can sometime result in an uneven finish. If it is so noticeable that you can see the difference in tone from the hood of the car, for instance from the sides, you might have to bring the car back to have it repainted. This is a time consuming situation. The painter should correct any problems without charging you extra, but if you had taken it to a higher end shop, your paint job would have been perfect the first time around.

While it is not necessary to pay $10,000 to get a perfect finish for a paint job, you want to be careful about paying too little. You can get a decent paint job done for a few thousand dollars with no problems, but you should take care to look around and choose a good paint shop before taking your car to the first place you see.

Other factors will determine how much your repaint job costs. If you have an older model car, but you want to freshen it up with a coat of paint, you can probably do fine with a less expensive paint procedure. If you have a luxury car, you may want to invest quite a bit more on the work that is done.
If you have any major dents or rust repair that need fixing, these will add to the cost of the final paint job, as well. Factor in anything that you need done and work to find a good quality paint shop with excellent tools and paints. You should be able to get a beautifully repainted car for a good price.

If you are looking to sell your car, then painting it should be thought of as an investment in what you will get as a profit once it sells. Again, you do not have to spend the most money on a paint job to have it done correctly, but you do have to know what goes into the final price that is paid for any repainting work.

How much you pay to repaint a car will have to do with its condition, your preferences, its trim, dents or other problems and the shop where you take it.